Colonial’s cost-effective headboard displays!

Fact: Display headboards can provide extra visibility
Fact: Display headboards can provide brand and product differentiation
Fact: Display headboards can provide key selling benefits

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Many of the industry’s top brands have done a really wonderful job, drawing attention to their products and driving sales, with their headboard displays.

However, such displays can be very expensive, despite the productivity gains, especially when viewed in aggregate across all store doors.

The investment required to create the desired impact is often 10-15 times the cost, on a per slot basis of the investment in that slots Top of Bed display.

Few have been willing or able to invest that much and hence their usage has been limited.

Colonials mission is to “Help our clients sell more mattresses” in this case by maintaining the visibility and impact that display headboards provide BUT engineer them to a price point that would make them accessible for use across far more retail display slots.

Our vision was to make something available that could be used by our clients, on as many as 10 product slots for the cost of just 1 today!

To do that we formed an exclusive partnership with RockTenn Merchandising Displays, America’s leading in-store merchandising solutions provider to the top US consumer product companies and big box retailers.

We embarked on a joint development program, using materials science expertise, to create a headboard display program, with great visual impact, that was also easy to transport and easy to assemble.

The goal of this new program is to provide impactful display headboards, starting at less than $125 per queen size enabling broad usage at retail. Even when adding options such as layering, contouring and LED lighting, we can achieve prices of less than $250!

We feel this can be a game changer for companies who are committed to making a strong impact at retail and growing their share while maintaining costs.

If this sounds like your company and you would like to learn more, please contact me. A 10 minute conversation is all it takes to see if we are a good fit.

Wes Keever, Executive Vice President
(336) 862-7374
Email: wes@colonialllc.com