Scent Marketing

Sales and marketing has always been about communications.

Typically, we use 3 of our 5 senses when we communicate about mattresses: sight, sound and touch. However, the sense of smell has yet to make a positive impact on the mattress selling process at retail.


Yet “scent marketing” or “aroma marketing” is becoming a multi-million dollar business and used by famous brands such as Mercedes, Nike, Sony and Victoria’s Secret.

Scent marketing has been proven to increase dwell time (the time consumers spend in any given area of the store) and increase both total sales and the average transaction size.

Our goal for the use of scent marketing in the mattress category is to encourage consumers to:

  1. Stay longer in the showroom
  2. Dwell longer on the mattress product
  3. Feel more comfortable with the process

Colonial brings scent marketing to mattress sales

For the first time in the mattress display category, Colonial is introducing the subtle power of aroma or “scent marketing” directly into the mattress sales process.

Colonial has partnered with PureCare, tapping into their knowledge and expertise with aromatherapy products, to offer their clients a cost effective way to add scent to mattress displays.

Selecting the right scent can add extra appeal to the brand or product selected. It can also provide the stress relieving benefits well known in the aromatherapy world. It’s even possible to create a custom scent for your brand.

Plus, with Colonial’s unique scent delivery approach, it will cost less than $7 per bed and can be used for product launches or even to retro fit existing products or brands, already on display in the retail store.

If you would like to learn more, please contact me. A 10 minute conversation is all it takes to see if we are a good fit.

Wes Keever, Executive Vice President
(336) 862-7374