The mattress purchasing decision can be a tough one for most consumers. A mattress purchase is usually one of the largest purchases a consumer makes outside of a home or vehicle and is one of the most important purchases. Does a consumer buy the manufactures’ brand, or do they buy the Store brand? Both are important choices.

In a recent study sponsored by Colonial LLC, 800 customers were surveyed. When asked, are you more loyal to the mattress brand or the store where you bought it, the results were almost even. Fifty-one percent said they bought based on the mattress brand and forty-eight percent said the store brand.

For mattress Loyalty customers, following are the key reason they buy their preferred brands. 

For those customers loyal to stores, these are the key reasons to buying in-store. 

With a sea of white boxes, customers are choosing the brand they trust. The top brands provide consumers comfort in knowing they are making a great choice for their sleeping habits and guarantees for the product.  Online mattress companies have disrupted traditional brands based on convenience, trial periods, return policies and warranties.  With this only being 25% of the market, brands are still most important to consumers. 

LAS VEGAS — The 12th annual Ante4autism event, held Saturday night before the opening of the winter Las Vegas Market, drew the support of dozens of celebrities and raised $142,531.

The Apollo Jett Grand Champion of the event was Aaron Page, a dealer at the Red Rock casino in Las Vegas.

Colonial LLC was a sponsor of this event.

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