Our Process Begins with a Conversation

Sounds simple, but our process—which is backed by more than 30 years of industry experience—really starts with a conversation. Because without a conversation, we can’t begin to understand your unique challenges and discover your objectives. And without that, we can’t effectively provide solutions.
Three key areas we focus on with our clients are:

Brand Strategy

Sales Effectiveness

Cost Efficiency


Communicating Value.

For some clients, it is all about communicating value. For others, it is all about standing out from the rest of the products and brands on the retail sales floor. A lot of clients are frustrated that the extra effort and cost they put into building their beds doesn’t seem to translate into more unit sales. And many clients have multiple brands but are bothered that consumers and sales people, only see them as one brand.

These are all branding issues that we identify and discuss as an initial part of our process.

A Strategy for Improving Sales Effectiveness—

Next, we focus on sales effectiveness. Sure, we can design fashionable products that promote your brand—but if they don’t include a variety of ways to help retail sales people communicate your product’s benefits, then you won’t be as likely to close as many sales.
We design top-of-bed displays that help identify the step up features and will differentiate collections using a combination of color, fabric, sales collateral or other methods. Each of these methods will help retailers increase their (and your) sales revenues.
We utilize available space, on top-of-bed foot protectors, sides and pillows to help retail salespeople understand and communicate all of the key messages and benefits of each of the mattresses.
Lastly, we know that even with the best branding and sales tools, you can still fall flat without proper cost efficiencies. As one of the leading innovators in mattress display and branding, we understand how to design for cost-efficient manufacturability.
We also know that your display and branding materials must ship and arrive when your beds arrive at the stores. And we understand the logistics of manufacturing domestically, overseas or a combination of the two.
In short, with our consultative process, we become a trusted vendor partner with you in every step of the way in the design, manufacturing and fulfillment of your display and branding materials.

Cost Efficiency through Innovative Techniques—

When Choosing a Trusted Vendor Partner, Ask Yourself if the Vendor is:

Equipped and experienced enough to guide your team through the process?
Disciplined enough to identify all of your objectives before moving into ‘designing’?
Continually improving upon past successes and identifying areas of focus?
If you’re frustrated with your current results, a 15-minute phone conversation is all it takes to learn how we can help.
Please call Wes Keever, President at (336) 862-7374
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We understand the challenges in today’s mattress marketplace. We ask a lot of questions and listen carefully to your answers. We know you will ask many questions of us as well.
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