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A Colonial top-of-bed branding solution includes an assortment of pillows, bolsters, pillow shams, foot protectors and other display materials, all beautifully executed and customized with distinctive embroidery and other embellishments to showcase your specific brand.

We offer much more than just expert sewing, sublimation printing and embroidery. We work closely with our clients to ensure the entire display package conveys a clear and compelling message that:
Raises brand awareness
Draws consumer interest
Adds perceived value to the product and brand
At Colonial, we understand how a mattress is ‘dressed’ will actually influence how much a consumer thinks it should cost. Drawing on over 25 years of experience, we use various fabrics and embellishments to reinforce good-better-best merchandising programs that help salespeople step up consumers and raise their average unit selling price.

In addition, a Colonial display and branding program helps improve product knowledge at point-of-sale. Slots, flaps and pockets are built right into the top-of-bed dressing to hold price cards and information sheets, allowing salespeople to quickly and easily communicate all the features and benefits of a mattress to their customers.

Examples Of Brands We Have Helped 


Improve visibility and differentiate your mattress with headboard displays!

Fact: Display headboards can provide extra visibility
Fact: Display headboards can provide brand and product differentiation
 Fact: Display headboards can provide key selling benefits

Many of the industry’s top brands have done a really wonderful job, drawing attention to their products and driving sales, with their headboard displays.

However, such displays can be very expensive, despite the productivity gains, especially when viewed in aggregate across all store doors.

The investment required to create the desired impact is often 10-15 times the cost, on a per slot basis of the investment in that slot's Top of Bed display.

Few have been willing or able to invest that much and hence their usage has been limited.

Colonial's mission is to “Help our clients sell more mattresses” in this case by maintaining the visibility and impact that display headboards provide.

Colonial's goal is to provide impactful display headboards, with broad usage at retail. By adding options such as layering, contouring and LED lighting, we can achieve prices of less than $250!

We feel this can be a game changer for companies who are committed to making a strong impact at retail and growing their share.

SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics)—

The latest trend in the industry, featuring a pristine look and feel.

Have you considered a Silicone Edge Graphic (SEG) solution to accentuate your brand? Colonial offers custom designs that compliment your existing Top of Bed solutions with a SEG headboard. We offer three different solutions all anchored with a light weight durable aluminum frame headboard printed with a custom designed graphic panel. with the options to add illumination or a video monitor.

  • A sturdy aluminum frame
  • Silicone strips to make graphics easier to install
  • Easily-swappable print system
  • Includes installation hardware, wall mounts or stand

SEG Displays with dye-sublimated graphics are the smart choice for eye-catching displays wherever you need them. These displays help get the attention that your brand deserves while showing your best sides. With fast delivery and easily replaceable graphics, these displays are an easy investment that will last for a long time to come.

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