Rule #3

Stand out from the crowd

Mattress shopping can be an overwhelming experience for consumers. They are surrounded by multiple mattress stores, each featuring dozens of mattresses that – to the untrained eye – all look alike. To win their sale, you have to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Colonial Rule #3 is about:

  • How to make your products stand out from the competition
  • How to make the uniqueness of your products shine
  • How help consumers find what they want

In today's marketplace, there's never been so many choices for the consumer. Every product category has many options of brands products sizes, colors, and taste to choose from. Sometimes those choices can be totally overwhelming. This is especially true in categories where we shop infrequently or where the products look very similar. For those categories, consumers rely even more heavily on the reputation of a brand or product that they are familiar with, or have heard good things about from others, but they still have to be able to find the product or brand that they're looking for among all the others on display.

Take orange juice, for an example. At one point it was simple to find the exact Tropicana orange juice that you wanted. There was only one type of orange juice, and one type of carton that it came in. You would simply look for the white carton with the big orange with a straw coming from it. But today, so many of the cartons look the same, and there's many different types to choose from. Many other brands also use the same style of carton. It's no longer as simple as it once was.

Mattresses on display in showrooms can be very similar and quite confusing. They're all about the same size, shape, and color, with subtle differences. There are different brands and construction types, which may be at very different price points and provide different features and benefits. However, to the untrained consumer they look very much alike even with today's bold borders and box springs, consumers have a hard time identifying the brand or product they may be looking for.

That is where the mattress displays can help. It's possible to help one brand or product stand out from the others simply by the way it is dressed. With top of bed, it's also possible to help the consumer quickly find the construction and type of firmness they may prefer by changing the top of bed displays or headboards, without changing the construction of the beds themselves. The displays should be designed to fit the unique selling strategy of the brand or the store, so that the product can stand out from the crowd, and as a result, your mattress sales will stand out.

If any of the following questions describe you, we can help!

Are you concerned that your brands do not stand out from your competitors on the retail sales floor?
Are you worried that consumers do not understand the many great values that your product line offers?
Are you frustrated that some salespeople do not recall the key features and benefits of your individual products?

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We understand the challenges in today’s mattress marketplace. We ask a lot of questions and listen carefully to your answers. We know you will ask many questions of us as well.
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