Rule #12

Always send the right message

Communication relies on much more than just spoken words. Communication is strongly reliant on nonverbal cues.

This rule will discuss how you can succeed with nonverbal communication. You’ll learn:

  • The importance of nonverbal communication
  • The different aspects of nonverbal communication
  • How to send the right message without words

Communication and trust are the keys to any successful relationship. That applies to personal relationships, as well as business or professional relationships. We're often aware of the message that we send with the words and tone that we choose. A rough tone and stern words will be perceived one way, while a kind word with a soft, nurturing tone will be received another. However, fifty-five percent of all communication is nonverbal. These messages are received visually, or through touch, rather than through sound.

Nonverbal communication between people is not only impacted by the body language of those involved, but also by the way we choose to dress. Think how you'd feel if your surgeon arrived at your heart surgery appointment wearing dirty mechanic's overalls, for example. He wouldn't have to say a thing, and you would be gone. Nonverbal communication for consumer products is often tied to colors textures and even the aromas of the products themselves, or the packaging they're placed in. Some colors and aromas are instantly recognizable and associations are made, some good, some not so good. How would a special gift, like an anniversary present or an engagement ring, be received if it were wrapped in plain brown paper or newspaper, versus a classic tiffany blue gift box?

If you want your products to be received as being pure luxury they need to look like they're luxurious. If you want your products to be perceived as being high tech, they need to look like they are high tech, and so on. Understanding what consumers might associate with a huge variety of colors, textures, patterns, and designs is a huge challenge, but it's a key part of creating mattress displays. At Colonial, we have the expertise and the research information needed to ensure that once your designs and colors are chosen and the beds are on display, they will send the right message to your consumers. You'll sell more and achieve your revenue and profit goals.

If any of the following questions describe you, we can help!

Are you concerned that your brands do not stand out from your competitors on the retail sales floor?
Are you worried that consumers do not understand the many great values that your product line offers?
Are you frustrated that some salespeople do not recall the key features and benefits of your individual products?

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