Rule #5

If it is written, it must be so

It can be difficult for customers to trust sales personnel and store associates when they come to you to buy a mattress. Having written information about your products on display can help bring this trust back.

This article will help you discover:

  • Why your customers want written materials
  • How written materials can help your sales
  • Where to place written materials

It's probably fair to say that at some time or another we've all experienced a verbal agreement that did not go quite as well as we had hoped or expected. It's also quite likely that at some point somebody has given us advice to fix that sounded something like you should have gotten it in writing in the first place. Maybe that advice came from a friend, maybe from a parent, perhaps both. Regardless of where it came from, it's an expression that's ingrained in all of us, and underscores a basic lack of trust that many of us feel when we're buying something, especially something expensive and important.

Putting stuff in writing reinforces its authenticity, since there's a document that can be checked and verified, if needed, by a third party. Hence, we have an expectation that for something to be in writing, it must be true. Surely, no company would risk putting stuff in writing, along with their name, if it were not.

In the world of mattresses, consumers are often skeptical of what they see. They're faced with a broad display of products and prices in a category that most know very little about. Each has its own unique set of features and benefits, and they must rely upon a retail salesperson that they have never met before to share those features with them. The amount of information and the lack of experience makes the consumer nervous. That's where the expression 'put it in writing' comes into play. When the brand or the retailer puts the key features, benefits, and prices in writing on a printed card with their name on it, it helps to reinforce trust and build credibility.

However, that card has to be placed somewhere, ideally on the very bed it is describing. That is where the top of that displays come in. Today's top of bed displays provide lots of places to put as much printed material as the brand and the retailer may feel necessary, all without hurting the look or feel of the product. Since the information is printed and added to the bed, a level of trust and credibility is added that will help raise the close ratios and the average transaction size. Colonial Rule number five, "if it is written, it must be so," reminds us not to forget that finding a place for the written or printed word is a key part of building trust and more mattress sales.

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Are you frustrated that some salespeople do not recall the key features and benefits of your individual products?

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