Rule #7

The devil is in the details

With this rule, we will discuss how Colonial LLC designs beautiful, functional bed displays for you. This rule will cover:

  • The idea behind DFM (design for manufacturability)
  • Why DFM is so important
  • How we use DFM to improve your sales.

Product designers must always keep DFM in mind. DFM stands for Designed for Manufacturability. Lots of design concepts may appear to be spectacular on the surface. Concept cars are an excellent example. You often see them at the major auto shows. They can be exquisite to look at, and appeal to all the right emotions, but can they actually be built? Will the engines fit? Can they be manufactured to achieve the targeted costs, and hence, the proper selling price? If not, will they sell at all? The majority of concept cars never make it to the marketplace and they become little more than design exercises, allowing the public to get a glimpse of the future.

Bringing design concepts to life involves understanding the finer details of manufacturing beyond just the immediate and visual appeal. That applies just as much to top of bed displays as it does to cars and other consumer product categories. Designing a display that accomplishes all of the design objectives, except for DFM and cost targets, would really be of little help to anyone. In fact, it may hurt the overall product development process, might impact the launch timetable, and actually result in less mattress sales, not more. Only companies with broad knowledge and experience in the principles of DFM can help design concepts see the light of day, and be there for the product launches on time and within budget. As we say at Colonial, "the devil is in the details."

If any of the following questions describe you, we can help!

Are you concerned that your brands do not stand out from your competitors on the retail sales floor?
Are you worried that consumers do not understand the many great values that your product line offers?
Are you frustrated that some salespeople do not recall the key features and benefits of your individual products?

Ready for Action?

We understand the challenges in today’s mattress marketplace. We ask a lot of questions and listen carefully to your answers. We know you will ask many questions of us as well.
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