Rule #9

Planes, trains and automobiles

It’s time to talk about logistics. Getting your products where they need to be, when they need to be there and in the right condition requires careful planning.

This Colonial Rule addresses:

  • The logistics of shipping products
  • Planning for cost efficiency
  • Timing your products

This particular Colonial Rule deals with the tricky, and sometimes complex, subject of logistics. Getting something to where it needs to be on time and in the condition it was promised requires a strong understanding of logistics. Sometimes products need to be coordinated to shipped directly to warehouses, sometimes they need to be shipped directly to the retail stores. These days, with so much international business out there, such locations can be across North America, or anywhere in the world. Regardless of where they're going, all products need to be produced, packed, and shipped to arrive where they are needed, when they're needed, and in the condition they are needed. Period.

With respect to top of bed displays, the most cost effective and efficient way to produce and ship products to retail locations involves careful planning, timing, and selection of the right production techniques and shipping options. Top of bed display products should be produced, inspected, picked, packed, and shipped, if possible, directly to the retail store locations to arrive at exactly the same time as the mattress samples themselves. That's the most cost effective way to do it. That logistical coordination prevents unneeded warehousing, double handling, double shipping, and reduces the possibility of waste and damage. Plus, expertise in logistics ensures that the targeted new mattresses are dressed as soon as they arrive at the stores to maximize their impact and start selling immediately. Colonial Rule number nine, "planes, trains, and automobiles," reminds us that we must never forget the value of logistics.

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