August 25, 2021

Attract Customers with the Perfect Mattress Display

Attract Customers with the Perfect Mattress Display

Chances are, you grew up hearing the familiar adage, “you only get one chance to make a first impression.” Research shows that judgements are made about people and products within the first seven seconds of being introduced to them. In a few seconds, people decide who you are and if they can trust you. At Colonial LLC, we know the importance of first impressions, which is why we are committed to designing mattress displays that fit the selling strategy of your brand or store, and make great impressions. Here are steps we take to create perfect mattress displays that help you increase sales and realize greater success.

Quality mattress dressing

A well-dressed mattress not only has strong curb appeal, but draws prospective buyers in to try them out and learn more. If a mattress looks good, consumers can easily visualize it in their home. We decorate mattresses with attractive comforters and shams, good pillows, headboards and footers. We keep in mind that clean, appealing dressings attract customers and convey a message of quality and comfort.

Effective product communication

Knowing how to present the right amount of information about a product in a clear, concise manner is paramount to effective marketing. Our displays present the ideal number of features, benefits and selling points in a way consumers can readily see and retain pertinent product information. The well-placed information prompts customers to ask probing questions, which helps salespeople discover customer needs and how their product meets those needs.

Eye-catching graphics

Clean, crisp packaging with displays helps make a positive impression about products. At Colonial LLC, we design and manufacture signage with eye-catching graphics to be placed at mattress displays and on advertising found throughout the store. Appealing graphics add to the perception of product quality, which helps establish trust with consumers and increases the chance a sale is closed.

Added touches for sensory marketing

Our five senses play an important role in many decisions we make on a daily basis. For example, a soft fabric can entice us to purchase a garment and the smell of coffee can make us crave an afternoon latte. A positive sensory experience can influence buying decisions, which is why we factor sensory touches into our displays. We add LED lighting around displays for a pleasant visual, quality linens that are pleasing to the touch and calming scents that evoke positive feelings.

At Colonial LLC, we know first impressions have a lasting impact when making buying decisions. We are proud to offer the highest quality mattress displays that make great impressions and allow your products to shine.

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