October 6, 2021

Colonial’s Rules and Practices Help Turn Around Mattress Marketing Mistakes

If you have ever experienced poor sleep due to a bad mattress, you know just how important a good mattress is to your quality of life. With so many types of mattresses in the marketplace, it is difficult to know how to choose the best one. It is important to effectively market mattresses so consumers know what you have to offer and how your mattress can meet their needs. Unfortunately, many companies make mistakes when marketing their mattresses, which means consumers never know if their mattresses are good options for them to consider. Here are several marketing mistakes we see made in the mattress industry and how our expert team at Colonial, LLC applies our rules to help turn them around.

Mattress Marketing Mistake #1: Your company believes the most important thing is to beat competitors on price. It is not important to show customers anything special about your mattresses since they just want a good deal.

Sadly, many people believe that price is the only thing that matters to customers. This could not be further from the truth. Sure, customers want a good deal, but they also expect quality products for their investment. When it comes to marketing mattresses, Colonial knows how important it is to follow their Rule — Stand out from the crowd.

When consumers shop for a mattress, the experience can be overwhelming. After all, at first glance all mattresses look alike, which is why some people may think price is the only thing that matters. Customers have many choices from which to choose in the mattress marketplace. At Colonial, we know it is important to make your products stand out from the competition. We have a talent for creating displays that make your products shine and highlight the unique aspects of what you have to offer consumers. We dress mattresses in a way that helps consumers quickly understand what the mattress has to offer them. We also make sure displays are designed to fit the unique selling strategy of your brand or store, allowing your products to stand out and be noticed and purchased.

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